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Bouquet Flower Bustier

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Bouquet Flower Bustier

After I arrived in Paris, I met a very elegant and stylish woman named Madame Joly. If you like the flowers on my clothes, it’s because Madame Joly taught me how to bring them into what I wear. She’s kind of like the flower fashion expert!

During the day, Madame Joly worked in a department store as a personal shopper and stylist and at night, she handmade silk flowers in the spare room of her apartment. The work orders for her couture flowers kept her busy throughout most nights and one day she hopes to do this as her full–time profession. I wish that for her too!

On any given day, her workshop was stuffed with bolts of the finest, most colorful silk. Just looking at all those colors was an inspirational explosion in itself!

So, I showed her my sketch and she saw deep blue, green and a warm yellow for me. Working her scissors, she started cutting the silk into petals and stitched them together. Soon she began attaching them to the bodice, which became the bustier that you see here. It was like her fingers worked magic!

I loved this garment so much I asked her to make a second one in blue flowers. I love everything in my closet, but these two pieces get extra love because it created by the lovely Madame Joly.

As soon as it was warm enough, I wore the green, yellow and blue flowers to a lunch appointment. Later, I wore the blue one to an outdoor birthday party. Maybe I can find a way to wear it with jeans next time…white jeans maybe! Which color bustier do you like better?

La la la!


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