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    Call Me Autumn Romance

    Cupid Couture

    Call Me Autumn Romance

    What do ya know…I lovvvvvve wearing capes! I suppose it reminds me of the angel wings that I used to have before I came to Earth. Wearing them makes me feel like I can flap away! Not that I’m going to be leaping off into the air anytime soon, heehee!

    My vision for this cape was really simple. I wanted a mint color and cherry blossoms on it. And pleats too. Lots of them. I ended up hand painting the trees onto my cape…which might mean I can’t wash it…hmm…

    I paired it with a eucalyptus blouse design and blue jeans and fastened the cape together with a gold teardrop pin. My eyeshadow was painted extra special. I call this blend Rendezvous With Fairies in the Enchanted Forest but next time I think I need some sparkles on my eyelids and some shimmery blush on my cheeks. Then the fairy rendezvous will be complete!

    With this, I think I’m ready to usher in the season of autumn which begins in only two more days. There is just soooo much romance in the air. I can hardly wait until new love blooms and old loves deepen.

    Wishing you all so much romance in the coming season! La la la!


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