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That Day When Butterflies Became Me

Cupid Couture

That Day When Butterflies Became Me

La la la, romance is my oxygen, la la la, romance is my food. This is Cupid and I love love and love you!

That was the feeling I had the first time I took my outfit out onto the streets of Paris. Surrounded by freshly bloomed cherry blossoms, I could just kiss Mother Earth and lose myself in how much beauty and romance exists on this planet!

To try something new, and something a little more sexy, I designed the bustier with black piping and straps that are supposed to fall off the shoulders…and covered the boning with two rows of fake pearls.

As for the skirt…BUTTERFLY MANIA EXPLOSION! This was the time for spring, for newness, for birth, for creativity, for new passions to be explored and expressed. With a bunch of paint, I went to town, drawing abstract and little winged creatures right onto the fabric. I just love the wild abandon about it so much. It felt like the butterflies could come alive and fly right off my body!

Anyway, I really felt their spirit that spring day and how it must feel for a butterfly to emerge for the first time, power up its wings, and just fllllllllllyyyyyyyyyy. It reminds me of when I was little too, as an angel living in Teacup Star System, where I could just power up and take myself into flight. It’s the ultimate freedom to feel the wind carrying you through the skies, soaring majestically like a bird…but anyway, I digress.

La la la!


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