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Dream of Christian Dior

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Dream of Christian Dior

Monsieur Christian Dior was the masterful creator who said “It’s not money that makes you well–dressed. It’s understanding.” That is so true! We don’t need money to look sharp, elegant and poised. We just have to understand what makes us uniquely beautiful and uniquely us…and to express that to our heart’s fullest content!

In my imagination and dreams, Monsieur is teaching me these things. What fascinates me a lot about being human is the myriad of ways we can adorn ourselves into works of art. And that’s what fashion is to me…self–expression and art. It is such a huge part of who I am and what I create, and what I want to continue to create. Like Monsieur, I’d love to help humans be in touch with their inner beauty and to feel inspired to be themselves 100%…and whether fashion is included in that picture is totally optional.

La la la!


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