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Elegant Holiday Chic

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Elegant Holiday Chic

My first Christmas in Paris was unforgettable. That year, my best friend and I were invited to a toy drive. We went a little nuts and bought soooo many toys that we had to ask for help to drive them to the event. Before we left for the party, my BFF took this photo of me sitting with all the gifts at home.

I was wearing a bubble mink—a fake one (no killing animals for fashion allowed!!), a beautiful Chantilly lace top, a black A–line skirt and a crystal belt. The Santa hat was given to me by a little boy who lives in my building. His name is Jonas (he’s from Australia).

The best part about Christmas is giving. It makes me so happie to give and I imagine that Santa Claus must be happiest guy on Earth!

La la la!


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