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Flapper at Garden Party

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Flapper at Garden Party

Two springs ago, I was invited to a garden party and the dress code was 1920s flapper fashion. Being an angel and not knowing the full human fashion history, I got on the internet to search. To my squealing delight, I loved everything I saw! I know I wasn’t alive during those years, but wow, I could easily have been.

My friend Madame Joly and I went to look for fabric. Since I hadn’t worked with appliqué before, I asked for her help. The iridescent and pearl appliqué work that you see on the bodice and down into the skirt was sewn by Madame Joly and her magnificent magic fingers. I couldn’t decide whether I wanted bronze or silver appliqué and our solution was to include both.

The feather and pearl headpiece was made just for this occasion. They aren’t real pearls. I had found some costume jewelry that I repurposed.

As soon as I put on this outfit, I felt as if I had time traveled. Even more curious was the feeling I had once I arrived at the party where everyone was dressed similarly…like my Google search came to life! It was definitely a feast for the eyes. There was a live band and my friend taught me how to dance the Charleston too. My feet really hurt but every chance I got, I visited the table with the chocolate fountain. I think that’s mostly all I ate that day.

La la la!


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