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Halloween Butterfly Cat Mischief

Cupid Couture

Halloween Butterfly Cat Mischief

Have you ever played hide–and–seek on Halloween in an empty castle? Someone dared me and I said yes…it was so dark, there was no where to hide, and I was SO SCARED but ended up having so much shrieking fun!

It took me weeks to design my Halloween costume (my first one). I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to be a cat or a butterfly…so I did both.

The only thing was, my costume didn’t help me much in the game of hide–and–seek. The gems kept reflecting in the moonlight, totally giving away my position! If I have to be in disguise next time, I’ll be sure to remember not to sparkle.

On my lips is a special color that I’ve only worn on that Halloween so far…aply called Night Mischief. It matched my nail polish, too. Heehee!

La la la!


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