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Best Birthday Ever

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Best Birthday Ever

One of my favorite outfits ever in my Cupid history was this one right here for my birthday in 2017! I wanted to wear something that would commemorate the transformation that I had gone through since arriving on Earth. Someone had told me butterflies were just the symbol for that.

It took me a while to find the right appliqué but I had found it from a local workshop in Paris. First, I designed the leotard with white straps and piping and boning. Then, I stitched the butterflies onto the leotard and even made a belt with one of the appliqué too.

As for the skirt, that was created with several layers of pink and peach tulle. The top layer of the tulle has additional lattice–work sewn in to mimic the patterns of butterfly wings.

And that stunning choker I have…well that was a birthday gift from my Honey. I am a really, really lucky girl.

La la la!


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