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The Skirt That Started Out as an Accident

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The Skirt That Started Out as an Accident

Wow, if I ever made a work of art, this skirt would probably be it! What you see here though is not what I started with…I actually didn’t know what to start with to celebrate my 2018 birthday.

All I had was an idea for a big bow blouse and a whole mixture of fabrics, appliqué and tulle that I didn’t know what to do with. It was not going anywhere and I was feeling close to zero inspiration. Then somehow, my eyes landed on what was next to me: a cup of paintbrushes and my watercolors…and whaddaya know. I decided to paint my dress!

Seafoam green was the color I was going after, with pops of bright pinks, yellows, oranges and peaches, plus splashes of white paint that could probably make me glow in the dark. With the help of Madame Joly, we sewed fake pearls on every panel of the dress and layered tulle underneath, which you can see once I pull the top flower petal panels apart.

The skirt that started out as an accident ended up being a super joyful detour. Had I not had a mish–mash of disjointed materials sitting around, I would have never challenged myself to go past what I had already known creatively. So happie that I had a new breakthrough and on my heehee birfday no less!

La la la!


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