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A Tail of Flowers

Cupid Couture

A Tail of Flowers

This photo was taken on the morning of my birthday! I stayed up till 2am the night before sewing silk flowers on my dress. It was supposed to cover my whole dress but no way did I finish…not even close! So this was the back of it and I kind of like my flower tail. That’s the way I kept it.

My love was indeed born here in Paris…even as Cupid, I don’t think I really understood what love meant until I became a human on Earth. Up until that point, I think love was just a concept to us love angels.

How blessed I am to be able to live this love each day…and each time I think that it is lost, I am able to find it again. The love for the self grows greater and stronger and more brilliant than ever before.

The night before when I was staying up, I mixed a special lip color for my outfit. It’s called Birthday Love! I hope you like it.

La la la!


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