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Rose Embrace & Angel Wings

Cupid Couture

Rose Embrace & Angel Wings

Ever since coming to Earth, I’ve had to give up my wings and it took me a long time to remember they were gone and not miss them. As a gesture of my love for a part of me that’s temporarily gone, I recreated them here as little bow ties on my shoulders.

That day, my friend who is a super talented florist (her name is Rosy incidentally) made me a beautiful rose crown. She did this as a gift for me because I helped her heal her heartbreak. Rosy said these flowers remind her that true love is real, beauty is very tangible, and that little things from nature have the power to remind her of her own path to love. I just love that!

I paired my blush pink top with my staple navy skirt. Wrapped around my waist is a string belt adorned with a letter C…for Cupid! Or chocolate?

That day, I decided to paint my nails a deep eggplant shade, which matches my eggplant shadow…and on my lips was Innocence, a lip color that I mixed myself.

With the fragrant roses on my crown and angel wings on my shoulders, I felt extra romantic and extra me that day. I feel so relaxed and joyous just to be myself.

La la la!


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