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    That Saturday Night Little Black Dress

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    That Saturday Night Little Black Dress

    La discothèque, oh là là! I never had such wild crazy fun—certainly not as an angel, ever, and not yet as a human until that point.

    My best friend took me somewhere for a Saturday night party for the first time and told me that I had to wear a “little black dress”. Of course, I had no idea what she meant nor why I needed one, but in the nick of time, that’s what I came up with!

    If I didn’t look like I was having fun with my arms crossed and all, well, it was because I kinda had to hold my dress together! I guess it was a fashion fail after all. Luckily, I only had to stay for a little bit and my best friend let me go home first.

    The actual way I celebrated that Saturday night was in my fluffy bed with all my art spread out, drawing, eating chocolate truffles, and playing with my bunnies. Heehee!

    La la la!


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