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Cupid’s Bow Shoulder Wrap

Cupid Couture

Valentine Bow Shoulder Wrap

Cupid’s Day, otherwise known as St. Valentine’s Day, is a very special occasion for me. After all, it’s MY day! Wearing red is essential.

That year, I designed this sleeveless, off–shoulder wraparound shrug. Yes, it was very cold, and in hindsight, I should have saved this for a warmer season, but it was too beautiful not to wear, even in the chilly winter.

My favorite part about the design is the expansive double pockets, cleverly disguised, just below the waistline—so roomy that I could have fit my phone, Kindle, wallet, lipstick, and a box of chocolate truffles inside! What I did carry were Happy Cupid’s Day cards for my closest friends as well as crystals I don’t leave home without.

To complete the look, I paired it with a black knee–length pencil skirt and a red fascinator and veil that I handstitched a couple of nights before. On my lips is my own lip stain color, Cupid 145, called Tonight’s the Night.

With this completed look, I went to have Cupid’s Day lunch at my favorite Café Rose Amour in the 1st arrondissement of Paris. As I sat at the table overlooking the gardens of yet–to–blossom cherry trees, I just felt so blessed and privileged to be me. Then I felt blessed that all of us can be whoever we are and can stand tall, proud, beautiful, and shining.

La la la!


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