What If God Doesn’t Want Me to Be Happy?

Hi Cupid, I have these dreams but I’m afraid to trust the creator to help me make them come true. I keep getting guidance to surrender. But what if after I surrender, ‘god’ wants me to do something completely different than what I want for myself? I’m afraid of having a life of doing things I don’t want to do. — Cherry, sent via Instagram DM

Dear Cherry,

Thank you so much for your question! I know that so many people are wondering the same thing and this is a really great opportunity to bring clarity to everyone. Your worries are not uncommon!

The clearest way for me to explain this is that you and god/universe/the creator are One. There is no separation! You were made in the image and likeness of what I like to call Papa god and Mama goddess. And because of that, what you want for you is the same thing as what the creator wants for you, too!

If you dream of living an idyllic life or one full of fun and adventure, that is the same thing that the universe wants for you. Your desires are impressed upon to the universe, just as your Higher Self or soul’s desires are impressed upon you, too. These shared desires are constantly being communicated from your soul to your conscious or subconscious self, and vice versa.

Now, I’m not talking about desires that are about hurting yourself or others. I’m talking about desires that originate from your heart, not from your ego mind.

A lot of people fear that if they let Papa god and Mama goddess take control of their lives, they’ll be forced to live a life of having to get by with very little and a life of servitude (not divine service but servitude). This fear most likely comes from religious upbringing that serving god means following a path of sacrifice: giving up fun, wealth, personal ambition, and time for oneself, thinking that we have to give all to others.

This is a fear–based idea that god wants us to suffer in order to honor the divine. Honoring the divine isn’t about suffering, restriction, or sacrifice at all. Honoring the divine means to allow your full divinity to live through you. It means that nothing that you desire from your heart is excluded from you. Helping others doesn’t mean you cannot be helped. Enabling others to attain wealth, freedom and happiness doesn’t mean that you can’t be enabled to reach the same as well.

Your desires are embedded into your soul makeup, which is to say, your desires are also embedded into the creator as well. That which is yours cannot be denied to you. If you surrender to a power and this power leads you to a life that you do not want, you are following the wrong power.

The right power will feel like utter freedom, as if the cage around your heart has been burst open and you have all the expansion in the universe to roam free. The right power will feel energizing, as if it a limitless fuel to keep your passion alive and flowing. The right power will also bring you into a humble gratitude, as if this is a blessing that came into your life without your effort or trying to push open doors.

The right power, ultimately, brings you to listen to your own heart, inner guidance, and truth, and not the guidance or truth of anyone else, and especially not the voices of shame or fear.

Cherry, I feel that this is the perfect time for you to allow support into your life. While you may fear surrendering to god, what about surrendering to the help that others want to offer to you? Papa god and Mama goddess help you through other people. If you can allow friends, family, colleagues or even strangers to lend you a helping hand, that is the same as surrendering to god’s help.

Here is another thing to try: handover one aspect of your life to your creator right now. It could be something small, such as surrendering over your food choices. Rather than choosing foods based on your mind or cravings, ask Papa god and Mama goddess to guide you to the right things to eat.

If these food choices make you feel better and help improve your life or energy, keep going! Hand over more and more things to your creator.

In the beginning, it may seem like you’re giving up control and asking for someone else to tell you what to do. But rather, what’s happening is that your creator hears your silent prayers and unspoken and unconscious needs. Because of that, the creator seems to know you better than your mind does. No, don’t reach for that ice cream you can’t digest, and yes, have this salad because it’ll make you feel better.

It might seem like a punishment and the creator pushing onto you what you don’t want but your soul sets itself on a higher dimension than your mind does. Our minds want ice cream but our soul desires joy. Ice cream may bring your taste buds joy but may wreck your stomach. Salad may not be as interesting for those taste buds but it springs your body into vibrant health. Which do you feel your soul will choose for you?

As you go through this journey of surrendering bit by bit, you’ll realize that trusting god is the same thing as trusting yourself and vice versa. This is the process of aligning yourself with Papa god and Mama goddess so that you and the universe are One! There will no longer be a conflict between the head and the heart, or a conflict between the mind and the soul.

Follow your inner guidance, Cherry! Do things that make you happy and allow joy to come into your life. God is where joy is so go find the creator there! Bad things will not happen to you because you listened to and followed your heart.

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La la la!

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