Feeling Good Enough is a Decision

If you’re feeling like a fraud or just not good enough, know that feeling good is actually an emotional or spiritual DECISION, not a degree, or more accomplishment, or more praise, or more money, or more love, or anything else outside of yourself that you think ‘measures’ how good you really are.
But, you might be asking, what about surgeons, Olympic athletes and top salespeople where we can actually measure how good someone is? Good question! That is when we are seeing someone’s technical skill or speed, where it can actually be measured mathematically or is based on percentages and points. But this technical measurement has NO BEARING on your worthiness or how good enough you feel inside.
Feeling good enough is a FEELING, not a measurement. And it’s a decision that you can make right now in a matter of seconds — anytime! Just decide that you’re already good enough. You can feel good enough even when you haven’t ‘gotten there yet’ by your own standards or by society’s standards. And in the meantime, polish your technical skills with joy, detachment and a sense of curiosity and adventure.
That’s the Heaven on Earth balance where god and goddess walk this earth as human beings — feel worthy already AND improve those technical skills to ‘do’ good as well — if you want. La la la!

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