Life is Love in Motion

Hallo, my lovely humans! Do you know what is the most important ingredient in making your dreams come true? You probably know this already, but the answer is LOVE!

Why is love the most important ingredient? Love is original, Source energy. When we love something, we want it to grow, take care of it, and give it more life. Love is an act of giving something More Life.

So, when we love something, we nurture it with our mothering and fathering energy, and it grows. It means that we can love our dreams into life — love being a verb!

Have you ever loved a child, a pet, or a plant and because of this feeling of admiration, appreciation, and adoration, this living thing flourished in front of your eyes?

Our dreams are like this too — like a child, a pet, or a flower that needs our love and positive attention.

When a momma creates a baby inside her womb, it is Love energy dividing cells, creating organs, and developing the brain pathways. Life is love in motion!

In that sense, you are never separate from Love because you are made of Love. Divine Love is what created you.

What about soulmates, Cupid?

I know a lot of my followers believe they are unlovable, or that love isn’t for them, or that they have missed out because they haven’t got the ‘right’ qualities to attract a soulmate or a partner.

Or, maybe you think you have to do special things or be someone even more ‘special’ in order to attract a person and to keep them.

The thing is, ‘getting a soulmate’ isn’t like trying to get a job where you have to meet certain qualifications, be able to demonstrate performance, and then be evaluated and measured for your capabilities.

If a person tries to create any special feeling to ‘make’ a man want to commit or change herself so that she might be more emotionally ‘qualified’ for a man, this is doing things with a hidden agenda and it’s manipulation — manipulating yourself and manipulating the other person, too.

The tricky part is when you do things with a hidden agenda, if you don’t get what you aimed for, then you will end up feeling resentful or that the whole thing was a total loss, missing out on the real value of your experiences and relationships.

Loving dreams into life

So what does it mean that Life is love in motion and that you can love your dreams into life, including attracting a soulmate?

It means that life and love are One thing. They are the same thing. They are inseparable and they flow as One. So if you want to experience love, don’t separate it from life itself. Live your life. Don’t live a lie. If you live your life with your passionate heart wide open, love will find its way to you. It’ll come through Source, yourself, family, friends, pets, nature, coworkers, peers, and gosh, even romantic partners!

The trouble happens when people separate life from love. They work on their life like having a career, which they may love or not, keep some hobbies and have great friends. And then when it comes to love, they switch onto a different mode: Get Mode.

Get mode is where you set out to go get something. You don’t have it, so you go out to get it. Now, this is a really great energy to have! But when you go get something, make sure it is in the spirit of love. Not just getting it for getting it itself.

What does that mean?

It means, don’t chase after the wrong person, the wrong job, the wrong friends, the wrong paths and stuff. It does mean, opening up your heart to receive what is meant for you.

If you love your life and indulge in doing what you love, thinking thoughts you love, feeling energies you love, smelling smells you love, eating foods you love, listening to music you love, reading books you love, spending time with people you love, you are in the energy of love. This love is life in motion.

When you are in the space of love, all things that have the same love energy will flow its way to you! If you are already in the space of deep love, then your whole experience will be about deep love. And that’s it! There’s nothing else you have to manipulate or change to go get a lover.

Love is the most important ingredient!

We can’t fear our dreams into life because fear doesn’t have the right energy or support to help things grow. In fact, fear helps it to go in the opposite direction: to contract or to wither.

Even if you think those thoughts, bless yourself and pursue what you love anyway.

Keep yourself immersed in the vibration of love and miracles will begin to happen.

La la la!

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