Love doesn’t hurt. Pain hurts.

Hallo, humans! Thank you so much for visiting my Cupid universe. If you are here, chances are, you believe in love. Or, maybe you used to believe in love but now you’re not so sure anymore. Maybe you got your heart broken or a love you thought was true was unrequited.

You’re here in the right place because I happen to love love!

What’s so good about love, you ask? It hurts! Hmm, does it really? Because I have big news for you: LOVE DOESN’T HURT! Nope, not in the slightest bit. It’s pain that hurts.

So if you’ve only experienced the painful side of ‘love’ (as in abuse, drama, conflict, separation, heartbreak), know that you probably don’t even know what real love feels like. You’ve probably never experienced love before!

Love, while it might make your heart feel all sorts of funny things, is never painful. Love is very triggering, however! It brings up all of your fears, feelings of not being enough, fear of loss, fear of abandonment, and all of that. So when you feel love hurts, it’s not the love that hurts. It’s the fears that hurt.

Most of us were taught that love is painful and sometimes it genuinely is — like grief, loss, and sacrifice, but even in those moments, there is still an abundance of love. It is not pain masking as love.

Many humans were taught that in order to get love, we have to achieve things, be who we are not, or do more of this, or be less that. The pain comes from believing in a lie that you are not lovable just the way you are, or the lie that love doesn’t exist, or that it is meant for everyone except for you.

So, you see, love doesn’t cause pain. It’s the lie you believe that causes pain. What’s the lie you are believing that makes your bitty heart hurt?

Tell me please below, because I want to help you heal and believe in true love again. La la la!

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