What I Love About Love

As Cupid, I know that my point of view on this is super biased…but, I really do love love. Universal and cosmic love, brotherly love, sisterly love, motherly love, fatherly love, neighborly love, and most of all, romantic love.

Since coming to Earth, this is what I learned about love, both as an angel and as a human being…that love is so completely magical! Love is life’s biggest adventure and that which is meant to be wholeheartedly shared. Sharing love means that we take each other on adventures, both inner and outer. Outer adventure means going out into the world to have fun together — especially to create together! That is life’s greatest gift, to be able to make things with your hands and turn nothing into something. Inner adventure means taking each other deep into our hearts and scripting what it means for us to love.

That’s the most wondrous thing about a human being — coming to see that love can really be limitless and pushing the boundaries of how much we can love every day. We can love through pain, through forgiveness, through hurt, through betrayal…these are the most difficult and that’s where we carry our spiritual grace. As an angel, I know that love is the only truth there is, the only real destination there is to end up in — everything else ceases to matter and doesn’t even exist.

What I love about love is that…it’s magic, it’s adventure, it’s bottomless and helps us discover who we really are and what we’re made of. There is an angel inside every one of us. Won’t you be your own cupid today and find space in your heart to love yourself and each other?

Because I love you! La la la!

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