What to Do If You Don’t Feel ‘Beautiful’

Hallo my lovely humans! I know a lot of you feel pain around beauty. This is because on Earth, we think Beauty = Love. But for many humans, Beauty = Pain.

Women think being beautiful means having better opportunities in life, being popular, being loved and accepted, having preferential treatment, and having the ability to get away with everything.

So, people think, if they are not considered physically ‘beautiful’, then they are unlucky, or that something is wrong with them, or that they have to “make” themselves more physically attractive.

The thing is, beauty is a divine energy! Beauty is present deep within your whole self. Beauty means DIVINE ORDER. This Divine Order exists in your breath, your body, your soul, in your energy, and in the sound of your voice or how light reflects from your eyes. You were made to order!

You’re beautiful because…no reason. You are beautiful.

So, if you see beauty as something you have to do in order to get from here to there, chances are, you aren’t after being beautiful. You are running away from the fear of ‘ugliness’ (whatever this means to you).

To end Beauty = Pain, please know beauty isn’t a transaction. It’s not something you use in order to get something else. You don’t need to use beauty to get love, to get money, or to get approval.

Your beauty is simply an expression of Papa god and Mama goddess’s handiwork. And it is up to you how you want to appreciate it and express it within yourself!

And if you are someone who isn’t into using ‘beauty’ products? Or don’t feel like glamming up anymore? No problem! Don’t go around thinking that beauty is a social responsibility and that if you’re not expressing yourself with makeup or fashion, then you’re not somehow living up to your highest potential. Nope.

See how much freedom there is in being beautiful? You don’t have to do anything at all – just be who you are now!

La la la!

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