10 Earth Objects I Adore

I thought today I will write a dedication to the earthly objects that I really, really love. Coming to Earth from Teacup Star System has been an incredible adventure so far.

Discovering new sights and objects each day gives all of my senses a huge thrill! Back home in Teacup, some of the angels collected such a confusing mixture of items from Earth that once belonged to people and angels who lived there. Broken radios, eyeglasses, pocket watches, sticky tape, harmonicas, calculators, bubble wrap and sorts of weird knick knacks filled the storage room, which was chaos by the time I left.

1. Music boxes! This was something that we didn’t have or collect in Teacup. When I first came to Paris, I fell in love with an antique shop that displayed music boxes in the window. I was so curious about it and after learning what the contraption was, I just fell in love. Then of course when I went to this special hotel in Paris, there was an entire Museum of the Music Boxes of the World! It was such a divine sign that I was really meant to be there.

2. Abundance of animals! I just love them so much. Bunnies, owls, dogs, cats, elephants, giraffes, fish, mermaids, unicorns, tigers, lions, bears, wild animals — all animals are precious and deserve to be fiercely protected.

3. Wood paper! We didn’t have trees in Teacup, so we didn’t have wood paper. Instead, we had Angel Paper, which I will tell you about another time.

4. Blankets! Angels in Teacup didn’t use blankets to sleep. We used our own wings to cover ourselves and to keep warm. Now that I don’t have any more wings on Earth, I love snuggling into all manner of blankets and getting lost in heaps of them. They make me feel so safe and feel like I am home with my wings again.

5. Measuring tape! This might sound super weird, but in Teacup, we never had to measure anything! It was all kind of anything goes and it didn’t matter if something was too big or too small or designed well. It is so fascinating to me that on Earth, we have to measure things to make sure that they fit right — so that clothes fit the body and furniture fits through the door or the room and that is comfortable to sit on. This kind of detail would have never occurred to the angels, especially when Teacup has unlimited space.

6. Art supplies! At Teacup, our decorations were very sparse as we didn’t need material things. Some angels loved to display balls of energy that they made. My favorite thing to do on Earth is to go to art supply stores and just soak in all the wonder and possibilities that could be created. Even if I have absolutely nothing to buy, I will get myself a new brush or a new colored pencil just to indulge and connect with my inner artist. To me, it is so much more interesting to create something permanent on paper than a ball of light. I wonder if my angel colleagues would agree or not.

7. Snowflakes! Snowflakes are little souvenirs from Heaven. The first time that it snowed in Paris, I was speechless for two hours. I stood on my balcony letting it fall on me and watched the city become blanketed. I felt so in love with myself and with life. It was magical that Heaven could sprinkle such a unique, physical form of love. Everything was so peaceful. After the snow storm, two children from my building taught me how to make snow angels! I didn’t know that existed! They also taught me how to have a snowball fight.

8. Flowers! As far as I can tell, there isn’t anything on Earth that represents a woman’s beauty as much as flowers. They make me so happy. My favorite thing to do during the weekend is to go to the flower market and find the flowers that speak to me the most and then bring them home and display them proudly. My wish is that one day, my future husband will cover our home with flowers as an expression of how much he loves me and how beautiful he finds me. I am wishing for that day to arrive now.

9. Fire! Do you know how boring it is to not eat hot food? I did not know this until I came to Earth. That human beings actually cook their food to make it hot! We didn’t have such things in Teacup, which was frozen all the time. It was so fascinating to me to see humans cook food. Every meal that I have here amazes me, especially when it is piping hot soup or bubbling cheese or sizzling vegetables. And during the winter months I would sit in front of my fireplace and drink hot chocolate. It is very peculiar to me that humans think Heaven is the best place in the universe, but I have found so many slices of Heaven on this planet that we simply didn’t have back home. I wish for humans to really enjoy their earthly existence because this kind of uniqueness is not found anywhere else.

10. Chocolate! I saved my favorite one for last. Chocolate, to me, is liquid love. It is just about the most yummiest thing I’ve ever eaten. I can’t go one day without eating it.

Heehee, thank you for allowing me to share my heart. I love you, humans!

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