Twin Flame Energetic Signs & Symptoms

Hallo Cupid readers! This article today is a continuation of the recent Q&A about twin flames vs. soulmates.

A surefire way to know if the person you met is a Twin is by the energy that you and your Twin share. Twins are essentially one soul living in two bodies and they are always communicating and sharing energy. There is also an unbreakable heart cord between you as well so whatever they feel, you feel, and vice versa. Here are some things you will probably experience after meeting your Twin:

Telepathy—you’ll be able to talk to your Twin as if you are having a physical conversation with him/her. For me, it feels like someone is ‘knocking’ on the door of my temples and hearing his voice as if it’s coming through the phone. Or, it could be hearing your Twin’s thoughts. For me it feels like an energetic paper airplane. From out of nowhere a thought flies past me and I watch it fly by. It doesn’t belong to me but it is in front of me crossing my path.

Sharing feet—When you and your Twin are merging your energy together, sometimes it can feel like you are sharing feet, or that he/she stepped into your body and share the same feet. It’s super cool!

Energetic sex—Yup! As if it was in the physical except you might be trying to do something important during the most inconvenient time, like have a work meeting, while it happens! That’s when your Twin is thinking about you. Sometimes this can last for hours if they are really thinking a lot about you.

Burning—Out of nowhere, your body temperature can go way up as if you were sitting directly in the hot sun. It can get sweaty! Sometimes it gets so hot that I need to turn up the air conditioning. It can sometimes last for hours. Usually this is when your Twin is going through a kundalini awakening or really missing you and wanting to be physically close.

Full–body seizures—When my Twin is purging emotional blocks, I feel them as full body seizures that grip me and then it exits through the crown chakra. It feels like a wave that makes my whole body shake. Sometimes I feel it once and other times when it is a big purge, it can be a whole succession of them for hours. Sometimes when it comes very strongly you might have to sit down or lean against the wall for balance.

Heart pain & sensations—This is a common twin flame energetic symptom. It is when the center of your heart (your heart chakra, not the heart organ) aches and aches. Sometimes the pain can be very sharp all of a sudden. Or, it can feel like the heart is gnawing, being chewed, burning and feels super painful. This is when your Twin is processing or getting stuck in their heartbreaks. Sudden sharp heart pains could occur if your Twin suddenly faces conflict, gets into an argument or just encountered a moment of grief. You can also feel a dull, steady pining if your Twin is missing you. You might also feel like vomiting from the heart chakra when your Twin is releasing heavy emotional blocks. Often times you will feel heart flurries or sudden heart chakra expansion if your Twin is suddenly feeling love for you, or you may feel heart palpitations if they are feeling scared or nervous or experiencing panic attacks.

Solar plexus pain—The pain here can either be sharp or dull, but is usually connected to your Twin suddenly feeling powerless or they are purging their power blocks.

Throat blocks—When your Twin is blocked in the throat, you’ll feel it like a knot or a marble stuck in your throat, or like a shield covering the throat. This is one of the more bothersome symptoms because it feels like I swallowed huge vitamins that got stuck. You might feel this when your Twin isn’t able to speak his/her truth.

Kissing and touching—Suddenly feeling your Twin kiss you on the lips when they are thinking about doing that, or touching you and feeling them being very nearby. The feeling that your Twin is hugging you.

Remote viewing—Sometimes you’ll be able to see your Twin’s location or what they are doing using your third–eye.

Lightning bolts—These feel like lightning bolts when your Twin has a sudden epiphany and new insight strikes.

Crying for no reason—When your Twin is crying or unable to cry (stuck tears), or when they have a very touching realization or sudden a–ha moment, you might suddenly cry and process things for them. Also, at the beginning upon Twins meeting in person, both of you will be purging a lot of past life memories. You might be crying excessively for reasons that are not clear to you and make you think you’re going insane, but you are not. 🙂

A knowing about where they are and what they’re doing. Basically you will sense when your Twin is sleeping, just waking up, working hard, traveling, relaxing, feeling happy, feeling sad, etc. because his/her energy will be distinctly different. After all, you and this person share the same soul so there are no energetic secrets between the two of you.

Appearing full–body in your mind’s eye speaking to you. This is when your Twin wants to communicate an important message to you and the vision of him/her becomes very clear.

Chase—When you are trying to push away your Twin but he/she desperately wants you back, there is this chasing/pressure feeling that the both of you must make up now, as any energetic separation is unbearable and intolerable.

Left/Right energetic presence—When your Twin is not ready or not yet aware of your connection, his/her energy may be at your left. When your Twin is more conscious and aware of the love connection or is ready, their energy will be present at your right side.

I hope this helps explain the energies that you are feeling. Any questions? La la la!

  • Suzan Sarraff
    February 8, 2018

    How did you decide your twin flame was your twin flame? Were you together for a discussion of it? I feel all of these things but have no current relationship, maybe it’s early hot flashes:D But i hope not! I’d love to know how you both discuss these things. Tres Magnifique

  • Angelina McGuire
    March 28, 2018

    What if you and your twin flame are married? I have had all sorts of these things happen since seeing my twin flame. I met him years ago, when I was 16. I saw him at an event and it felt like lightning went through my body when we hugged. Since then I’ve been a mess!

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