Chapter 5: Coeur the Cupid & The Garden Party ‘Brew’-Haha

On a rather delightful summer midmorning, Coeur the Cupid was in a particularly bothered mood.

Here was one very important detail that she didn’t know about life on Earth before she escaped from Teacup Star System: BUGS! Here they swarmed in droves today — first, because the weather was just perfect outside, and second, because it seemed as if all of Paris, critters included, was invited to a garden party where there were heaps of delectable food, including lots and LOTS of chocolate.

This very exclusive garden party was hosted by the father of Cupid’s best best best friend in the whole wide universe, Polly Moonbright. Mr. Magnus Moonbright was an important international politician who specialized in building glorious empires. He was also a dormant king. You see, once upon a very long time, Mr. Moonbright was a direct descendant of the royal crown of the country of Piper. Was, because an unfortunate family incident stole the crown from underneath him before would–be princess Polly was even born, but we shall get into that debacle another time.

At around 11:11, Cupid arrived with Polly dressed in flapper fashion — the party’s theme was the roaring twenties! The garden party was a sight to behold. Sprawled out on the green lawn of Musée Rodin were servers dressed in tuxedos delivering a continuous pour of champagne and rosé to guests. A lively band played while women and men jovially danced the Charleston. Each dining table was elegantly lined with a shiny white tablecloth and weighed down by full sets of heavy silverware and chic floral centerpieces. Food was bountiful and it was the most artful and dainty presentations that Cupid had ever seen. Cupid was just so happy to experience yet another slice of Parisian heaven.

“Baby, I’m going to go say hi to my father and some friends,” Polly said to Cupid. She nodded, found an empty table and sat down. Not long after, a rather annoying social bug of sorts found his way to Cupid and started buzzing in her ear.

“So, did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” The man asked Cupid pointedly, as if he had rehearsed this line a hundred times before. The angel, however, didn’t know that.

“What? How did you know? It only took a minute! I’m from Teacup,” she replied candidly. Leave it to Cupid to take angel references so literally!

“Teacup? Oh, I would love you to be my teacup. And dip my baguette — ”

“What?” Cupid said, confused.

Suddenly, the ever protective big–sister Polly marched over, towered over this bug–man and seethed through her teeth, “Get your filthy donkey lizard butt out of that chair NOW!” The bug–man, his face turning white, fell out of his chair and hobbled–ran away in terror, leaving Cupid and Polly bursting into a fit of giggles.

“Baby, that’s what you call a pick up line. Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? That’s the oldest trick in the book,” chuckled Polly.

“And that’s how people get girls?”

“It works sometimes!” Polly shrugged.

The two girls got up to get some food but a striking interruption put a halt into their plans. Suddenly, it was as if the entire garden party turned upside down. As Cupid and Polly swiveled their heads and looked around flabbergasted, the most curious turn of events started to brew in the air. Did they just find themselves in the middle of a movie or were all of the guests…crying? It appeared so, as all of the women started wailing uncontrollably and the men contorted their faces, squeezing out tears, spilling out years and decades of suppressed emotions. It was a bizarre sight to see grown men and women — aristocrats of Europe no less — all crying in an ear–splitting chorus like inflamed, upset babies.

Cupid and Polly gawked at each other while Mr. Moonbright hurried to ask for their help. Just what could the two girls do? There were at least 400 crying adults! Polly, the ever so clever one, quickly had ideas.

“Dad, Cupid, we need to raise the vibration of this place. It is out of control! I’m gonna go sing and try to change the energy of this party. You guys go see if you can find out what happened.”

They all agreed on her plan, especially because Polly’s voice had spiritual transmission powers. She dashed off to instruct the band members, who were all very nervous and started playing music very clumsily and out of sync under pressure.

“Cupid, you go look inside the museum while I search the grounds,” Mr. Moonbright suggested.

Cupid nodded and dashed inside the museum. At the entrance, she stopped for a second to pull out a fresh sheet of Angel Paper, hoping for a shortcut to the answer. She waved her sapphire communication ring over the Angel Paper and was immediately shown an image of a kitchen. After asking several museum attendants for directions, Cupid found her way. The door to the kitchen was in sight, but Cupid had to cautiously tip toe the rest of the way there because apparently, the floor leading up to the kitchen door was all wet, too!

Upon reaching the heavy metal door, Cupid pulled it open and there she encountered a very quiet melancholy. All the lights were turned off and there was almost no activity, which didn’t seem right for what should be a bustling scene. Plenty of food was still sitting on top of rows of steel counters and not being served. Hushed in the far end of the kitchen was a lone chef, dressed in a crisp, pristine and white kitchen uniform and chef’s hat, her black hair pulled back into a bun. Not realizing that Cupid was in the room, the chef continued chopping away mindlessly, as big tears rolled down her eyes, then cheeks, then onto her uniform. It had appeared that the chef was crying into all of the food she was preparing, and it had created some kind of spellbound magic that made all the guests cry, too! Cupid, though, knew exactly what to do.

“Bonjour,” Cupid began, trying to get the chef’s attention and warm up to her. The chef looked up from the cutting board but didn’t stop chopping.

“Yes, may I help you?”

“My name is Coeur Le Cupidon. My friends call me Cupid…are you okay?” Cupid slowly made her way to the far end of the kitchen, getting closer.

“Yes, I’m fine. I just got to finish making this sauce for the beef and then I am finished.”



“Chef Julia…I was wondering if you would stop cooking for a moment and come with me. I want to show you something.”

Julia obliged, put down her knife and followed Cupid out the kitchen, down the flooded hall and out into the garden party, which was still a growing pandemonium. Julia took one glance at the party and its guests, but was in too much of a daze to register what had become reality. She turned around and hurried back down the hall, returning to her quiet cave. Cupid ran after her.

“Julia, the food, it is — ,”

“The food is fine. I am fine. Everything is just fine.”

“But Julia, everyone is crying from eating the food! We’ve got to do something!”

“So let them cry! I want them to cry! I want to cry! I just want to go home and cry! But no, I have to be here, and I don’t want to be here!”

“Julia…” Cupid took the chef’s hand and led her to a row of empty stools, where Julia sat down. Cupid made them chamomile and almond milk tea served inside the most dainty little teacups that she had ever seen. They sat quietly and sipped slowly, even when the world outside was in total urgent disarray.

Cupid tried again. “Julia, what happened?”

“Tomorrow I am being shipped off to Malaluca. My parents are forcing me to get married to this guy that I don’t even know and have never met! That means…no more Paris, no more cooking, no more of this dream career…”

“Then why are you doing it, Julia?” Cupid asked.

“Because everyone keeps telling me that if I don’t get married now then I will be too old! That I’m not supposed to focus on my career. I’m a woman and I’m supposed to get married and have kids and…be a woman. I’m just supposed to make babies, that’s all I’m good for apparently.” Chef Julia sighed and continued, “I’m too scared, Cupid. What if they are right?”

“Julia, you know that’s not true.”

“Yes, but what if true love doesn’t happen for me? It doesn’t happen to everyone, right? I don’t think I have enough time!”

“It will happen to you if you choose it. Not everyone chooses it. You have to be the one to decide.”

“But just because I choose it, it doesn’t mean I’ll have it.”

“Papa god and Mama goddess will never deny you of what you truly want in your heart, Julia. The outcome might not be what you think it is, but you will not be any less happy than you imagined. True love is as much a gift as it is a choice. You have to be willing to say yes to it before it can come.”

“But Cupid, I am not beautiful enough. I’m forty–two years old and I have no prospects. I don’t have men falling at my feet and all I like to do is create in the kitchen. I don’t like going out and it’s hard to talk to other people. What if this is my last chance? And, what if I don’t make it with this career?”

“The perfect person for you already loves those things about you! You don’t have to go through tons of men to find the one you love. Unless you want to. Plus, you don’t have to decide your whole life right now. Go to Malaluca and see if you like this guy. If you don’t, come right back! You have that choice. You’re not going to prison. You’re…going on a blind date! That’s all!”
Julia looked up. She hadn’t even realized that this decision wasn’t a matter a life and death, even though it felt like one.

“I met my true love,” Cupid smiled empathically. “I choose it until it becomes real in my life. And so it will arrive for me. And it’ll arrive for you, too. If that’s what you want.”

“But I’m not young anymore.”

“Love arrives at any age! And despite what people say, outer beauty never fades. There is beauty in everything, at every moment. All you have to do is choose to see it, and it will reveal itself to you.”

“And if I choose love…I’m not being selfish?”

“You don’t owe anyone anything, Julia,” Cupid said and smiled before adding, “And besides, your true love is waiting for you. Don’t make him wait too long.”

Julia sat quietly, letting it all sink in.

“Here, there’s something we need to do,” Cupid suggested.


Cupid got up from the stool and ventured over to the collection of pots and pans. She picked out the largest stock pot she could find and began filling it with water. After placing it on the stove and turning on the heat, Cupid wandered into the mini herb and flower garden inside the kitchen and peered into the glass. “Julia, come help me choose some flowers.”

“Why?” Julia finally got up from her stool to join Cupid. They both stuck their faces into the glass.

“Which flowers do you like? Let’s pick seven of them.”

“What for?”

“You’ll see! Which seven?”

From the mini garden, Julia plucked one stem each of red peony, marigold, yellow dandelion, mint, borage, pansy and a rose. She then handed the bouquet to Cupid. “Are we brewing a tea?” She asked.

“We are making a love potion! Well, a self–love potion. Come, let’s make your vows.” Cupid led Julia back to the pot of water on the stove, which came to a simmer. Holding the flowers, Cupid turned to Julia.

“Julia, it’s time for you to decide — for yourself — what you want to do with your life. Here are seven flowers, each of which represents a soul vow that you are making to yourself today. You see all of those people out there?” Cupid said as she pointed outside the kitchen window. “They need to drink your love potion — your self–love potion. You see, everything that we do contains our energy. It’s embedded into the fabric and makeup of our work and we send it out into the world and it affects people. So we have to make sure we are sending the energies that we truly intend. But more than that, this is a promise to yourself. I know you’re ready to change your life today and start to believe in very different beliefs than your parents and what you were told. You’re ready to develop your own relationship to yourself now. Do you understand, Julia, what we are doing here right now?” Cupid asked.

“Yes, I do, Cupid. I’m promising myself to become a better person.”

“No, no, not a better person. You’re already perfect, Julia. There’s never any need to become a ‘better’ person. You’re not flawed and you don’t to be fixed. You’re just promising to love yourself unconditionally, that’s all.”

“Okay, I see.”

“Now, take this flower,” Cupid said as she handed the pansy to Julia, “And tell the universe what you vow and intend for yourself from now on.”

Julia took the flower, her hands trembling as she tried to keep steady. “Dear Universe: I vow to stop believing in what other people have told me about myself and to start thinking new and positive thoughts about me and my future.”

“Beautiful!” Cupid remarked. “Now, place the flower inside the pot.”

“And boil the flower?”


Julia did so and they watched the liquid immediately turn indigo, matching the color of the pansy. Cupid felt excited and confident about where this was going. Next, she handed the marigold to Julia, who already knew what to do.

“I vow to keep chasing my dream and never giving up,” she said. She smiled at Cupid and then dropped the marigold into the water, which turned the liquid into a swirl of orange and indigo. It became a beautiful elixir.

Julia, becoming animated, asked, “Cupid, may I have the rest of the flowers?”

“Sure.” Cupid handed to Julia to remaining five flowers. She held up the red peony and declared with a strong voice, “I vow to make a ton of money doing what I love and feel safe being on this planet!” Julia giggled as she made her vow and Cupid flashed her a big grin, feeling so proud of her. The pot of self–love potion was now a beautiful swirl of indigo, orange and red.

Next, Julia chose the yellow dandelion. “Dear Universe, I vow to feel worthy of true love and of all my dreams coming true. I vow to own my power deep in my gut and exercise my right to exist for myself and choose the life I want.” Julia eagerly dropped the yellow dandelion into the pot. It was beginning to resemble a rainbow and Julia’s tears started turning into deep sobs of love and appreciation for herself and for her journey.

“Take a breath, Julia,” Cupid gently nudged. The chef inhaled and exhaled deeply, coming back to her center and returned to her little ritual. Next, she chose the borage, took another deep breath and said, “I vow to always speak my truth, even if it upsets and disappoints people I love.” With hiccups, she dropped the borage into the pot. There were only two more flowers remaining. Next came the mint.

“Dear Papa god and Mama goddess,” Julia giggled while looking at Cupid, “I vow to cherish my heart and gain the wisdom you are trying to teach me. And to be patient with myself and really love myself to a place of wholeness. Like this mint, please soothe my heart,” she prayed. As Julia dropped the mint into the pot, it turned the liquid into a vibrant hue of green and became a swirl with the other five colors. It was beginning to resemble a lollipop!

The violet–colored rose was the final flower remaining. “I saved the best for last,” Julia said and smiled to Cupid. “With this rose, I promise myself a life of beauty, outside and inside. I want my dreams to come true and I know what kind of woman I need to be now. Papa god and Mama goddess, please help me see that I am as beautiful and as precious as this flower, and that I am worthy of your help.”

Julia dropped the final flower into the pot. The liquid stopped swirling and activating and rested into a beautiful, soothing color of peachy pink. Her self–love potion was complete. Julia was spent and fell back into a chair. While she caught her breath, Cupid ladled the potion into hundreds of little dainty teacups on top of their matching saucers. She fed the first cup to Julia, who upon sipping her own potion, felt her transformation beginning to take shape. Just then, Mr. Moonbright opened the door to the kitchen.

“Mr. Moonbright, please have all the servers feed this potion to the guests. Everything is going to be okay!” Cupid announced excitedly. Mr. Moonbright looked relieved and dashed off to get help.

Cupid kneeled by Julia’s side and smiled up at her. “You did a beautiful job, Julia. And I want to leave you one more gift.” Cupid pulled out a fresh sheet of Angel Paper from her clutch and waved her sapphire ring over it. Julia was transfixed by the magic and looked puzzled by the drawing that appeared on the Angel Paper. Upon closer inspection, it was a map of Malaluca!

“I think Papa god and Mama goddess want you to go to Malaluca, Julia. This man that you’re supposed to meet — I’m not going to ruin the surprise for you, but I feel he’s connected to your true love. Don’t miss this chance,” Cupid winked.

“Cupid, how can I ever thank you?”

“Mmm…,” Cupid thought, “When you come back to Paris, will you please teach me how to cook and garden? I want to play in the kitchen!”

“YES! I would love to!”

Cupid wrote her phone number onto the Angel Paper and got up. “Thank you for being a part of my life and letting me help you. You are beautiful and I love you!”

With that, Cupid returned outside, letting Julia redo all the food for the garden party. Immediately in her line of sight was the ever so funny Polly, who collapsed into a chair in exhaustion. Servers were administering Julia’s self–love potion and everyone began returning into a state of calm and peace, and oddly enough, no one seemed to have remembered what happened! Their shirts were all wet but the rest was like a foggy dream. Not long after, the band resumed playing Charleston music and people returned to dance. On the outside, it’s obvious a crisis had been averted but everyone who sipped Julia’s potion felt a little more love and security on the inside, and the garden party, thankfully, to Mr. Moonbright’s relief, only doubled in joy.

“I’m pooped!” Polly remarked to Cupid.

“It could have been much worse if it weren’t for you holding up the fort, sissy!” Cupid said.

“I need a vacation,” Polly replied.

“Heehee! Let’s dance, Polly!” She took her big sister’s hand, pulling her out of the chair and the two boogied the hour away. Big yay to Cupid and Polly for coming to the rescue in the never ending adventures of Paris, yet again.

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