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Coeur the Cupid


Hallo, everybody, bonjour! Heehee, it’s Cupid here. I hope you are all doing well and welcome to my first post on my new blog!

My hope for this blog is to document my travels, adventures and inner reflections. My Cupid brain these days is less about providing advice and more about expressing my inner world and my visions for beauty and magic. This space will be a place to tell stories, to share, and to discover more of Love and Life together.

Hate is hard; Love is effortless

I know that many humans have been thinking more about how to live a magical, fairy tale life. In my Cupid heart, I know that it is a reality that we can experience…it’s not just a childhood fantasy or a whim! So many of us have magnetic and creative power which might be laying dormant now or untested just yet.

What humans should know is that people—the really evil ones creating havoc on the planet right now and always have been—are really skillful at manifesting! They are ambitious, focused, determined, resourceful, and they know how to summon their inner passion for change or for an outcome, even if that outcome is terrible for the planet.

While that is a scary thought to be thinking, it also shows us that humans wanting to do good and bring peace on Earth are just as powerful—I believe even more strong and successful! But for humans to do that, everyone needs to activate the good Magic inside.

I’ve met a lot of humans…more than I wish…who use Magic for evil purposes—to manipulate and control other people, to interfere with another’s free will, and to create unwanted outcomes for the other person against their free will. This is irresponsible and unloving and only hurts the person practicing the dark magic…acts which don’t come from love do not yield love in return.

It is actually really hard to hate…it takes so much energy to hate something and be angry and in fear, while it takes no effort to love. Since that is true, think about how hard it is and how much work it takes for evildoers to create evil and generate and spread hate, and how easy it would be for our love to just wipe out all of it in a second. Now that thought is very satisfying and wondrous!

What kind of world do you wanna live in? What’s your version of paradise? Who or what would be in it and how do you want to spend your time? Please let me know your ideas and stories, and I’ll you in the next post! La la la!

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