cupid’s adventure

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Bring home a little bit of heaven...

la l’amour

Why I came to Earth and my mission in this life

Hallo, I’m Cupid. I am a True Love Angel hailing from Teacup Star System! A stroke of lucky fortune brought me to Earth and I came here to complete several missions, one of which is to create my own magical adventure.

la la mode


Designed by Cupid, Made in France

Before I dreamed up of this dress, I thought that I should do something I hadn’t done before and push my creativity a little bit. All I knew was that I wanted to look like a goddess…one who does fun stuff and in charge of serious matters like chocolate, beauty, love and magic.


How I Can Help

Send Cupid Mail

Do you have a question about love, healing, friendship, family, work, or anything that is troubling you right now? You can submit Cupid Mail and I will answer.

la la vie

Activating Magic for the Greater Good

Hate is hard; Love is effortless

I know that many humans have been thinking more about how to live a magical, fairy tale life. In my Cupid heart, I know that it is a reality that we can experience…it’s not just a childhood fantasy or a whim! So many of us have magnetic and creative power which might be laying dormant now or untested just yet.

La La Mode

Designed by Cupid, Made in France