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Why I came to Earth and my mission in this life

Hallo, I’m Cupid. I am a True Love Angel hailing from Teacup Star System! A stroke of lucky fortune brought me to Earth and I came here to complete several missions, one of which is to create my own magical adventure.

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Fashion is art. Sometimes you can eat it, too!

To celebrate my recent birfday, I made myself into a rose cake! If you guessed that the cake was made with HONEY, hazelnut, and chocolate, then you were correct!


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How do you keep a 7–year relationship fresh?

Cupid Mail

Oh la la Cupid, how do you keep an emotional bond fresh when it’s reaching the 7 years where they change, especially when both of you are growing up in tough love, but your partner is the more affectionate one? Could you send a lovely arrow message back, xo, Tanahime, Alabama, USA

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