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Dear Cupid,

I would like to know how you have been able to trust your creative dreams and bring them into reality? —Nicole, Houston, Texas, USA, question sent via Cupid Mail

Dear Nicole,

Thank you so much for your question! This is one of my favorite topics to discuss. Back when I was in Teacup Star System, I struggled with this too. I remember channeling so many creative designs and art and I didn’t know what I was supposed to do with them. Was it meant to just live inside my head forever? Or did Papa god and Mama goddess have plans for me to make these dreams real? I felt confused for a long time because I would receive so much inspiration, yet the path to make it happen didn’t show up. It felt almost like a burden because there was no outlet for the creativity or ideas to go!

But then one day I got the chance to come to Earth and with that came this exquisite privilege to make all my dreams come true into physical reality. That’s the part I love so much about being an angel human! But I think what you are asking me is how to do this for yourself…

Our dreams are pieces of our soul and our relationship to Papa god and Mama goddess. So if you trust yourself, and trust that you have the ability to handle anything that comes your way (including The Great Unknown! And the Land of Believing the Other Shoe Always Drops), and you also trust the universe, then you will naturally trust all of your dreams too. When we don’t trust ourselves or the universe, we will question everything – all the ideas, the inspiration and the path. When you receive a creative download, you might scan everything through the Trust Firewall (can I trust this? Is this safe?), and then you might also talk yourself out of it! So by the time we are done processing the potential threats and dangers, it is very likely that the idea or inspiration is simply extinguished. Until it calls your name again…

So now you might be asking, how do I trust myself? It starts with healing and neutralizing all the episodes where we “made a mistake” and got ourselves into danger. For example, it could be trusting the wrong people (friends, teachers, parents, kidnappers!) at an early age and you got hurt or heartbroken. Or maybe someone got bullied or had their confidence torn to shreds as a kid, and the memory got stuck and mixed in with interconnected fears. Or some people got betrayed and it resulted in the loss of a lot of money, time or friendships. We internalize all of these episodes and magnify them, where even just one incident = can’t trust myself EVER AGAIN.

More than that, a lot of people have been programmed to distrust Papa god and Mama goddess too! Some people were taught that Papa god would dangle really good candy in front of them and once they reach up to grab it, He will snatch it away! Or that the other shoe will always drop. Or that every good thing that happens is actually a trap or a set up, and then once you fail, Papa god would take your suffering as pleasure. Children learned this from characters in fairy tales (more like nightmare tales!) like the Big Bad Wolf. If this person has these beliefs in them, how could they ever trust their ideas? Inspiration would be terrifying because they would think it is bait to failure or that Papa god is screwing with their lives and playing sick jokes on humanity. Some people are so scared that they completely resist any intuitive urges from Papa god thinking, “Nope! I’m not going to go for your bait. You can’t trick me! You’re not getting me today!”

So, to answer your question, it involves healing and resetting or neutralizing all of these fears. Once all of that is cleaned up, you’ll automatically trust yourself and Papa god and Mama goddess. There would not be an ounce of doubt. As you have this confidence with yourself and in this Highest Power, then you’ll be able to take any idea or inspiration and turn it into physical reality. The actual work might be difficult physically because we live in the constraints of this slow-poke third-dimensional life! However, it will feel emotionally easy – a natural flow, no more inner conflict, just a feeling of relaxed peace – even when things are physically hard.

I hope this answers your question, dear Nicole! Dreams are meant to be turned into physical reality. The universe loves and craves birth – that’s why we even have death to begin with, because Papa god and Mama goddess are in love with creation. They will do anything to support you. Open up dialogue with them and ask them for help! The buddy that I turn to most is Jesus. He is especially good with this area so give him a call! His number is 333 when you dial on your spirit phone. Please let me know if you have any more follow up questions and let me know how else I can help! Love you!

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